I’m a big fan of breakfast. As a matter of fact, I’d even go so far as to say that it ranks among my top 6 (yes, 6) favorite daily meals. But, if there’s one thing that I love almost as much as breakfast (well, you know, aside from lunch, dinner, and snacks…), it’s sleep. Which is why, as a teenager, I’d often find myself lying in bed 20 minutes after I was supposed to have gotten up… still debating whether or not that bowl of cereal waiting on the table for me was worth getting out of bed for.

This daily struggle continued well into my sophomore year of high school, when I discovered the beauty that is the grab-and-go breakfast. Finally, a solution to silencing my rumbling tummy without sacrificing sleep! Sounds great, right? Well, the only problem was… I discovered this solution at the bottom of a Tim Hortons to-go bag.

With age (and approximately 720,835 hours worth of nutrition courses), comes the wisdom that starting each day with a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit Sandwich and a medium Vanilla Iced Capp probably isn’t the best choice for my health – or my wallet. But if you think that means that I’ve succumbed to compromising my precious beauty sleep, think again. As an adult, I’ve found that my body craves adequate sleep now more than ever. Luckily, I’ve found a more balanced way to approach my morning meal. By simply preparing my breakfast the night before, I can rest assured that I am out the door on time, healthy breakfast in tow. 

With graduate school starting tomorrow (cue panic attack..), the battle between sleep and breakfast is only going to become more and more real. After talking with current students, I’ve (reluctantly) come to the accept the fact that, in order to ensure that I get out of the house in enough time to snag a coveted parking spot, breakfast will need to wait. And although I have a handful of make-ahead breakfast recipes tucked in my back pocket, I think we can all agree that a new school year calls for a new (breakfast) wardrobe. 

I recently reached out to some fellow healthy living bloggers, many of whom are also RDs, to find out what some of their go-to to-go (say that 5 times fast) breakfasts are – and boy, did they deliver. I’m so excited to share this recipe roundup with you all today, and not to mention try out some of these recipes myself! So whether you spend your mornings ushering a herd of kids out the door, sitting in traffic, or stalking students for a parking spot, you’re going to want to give these quick and easy breakfast ideas a try. From sweet to savory to just downright delicious, I guarantee you’ll find something worth getting out of bed for. Now the only question is… which one to make first??


30 Healthy Grab and Go Breakfasts
{Overnight Oats}

Ah, overnight oats… the holy grail of the healthy blogging world. And for good reason – requiring less than 5 minutes to throw together, overnight oats are pretty much the epitome of a healthy grab and go breakfast. A nutrient-dense breakfast that tastes indulgent, can be easily transported, and takes zero time in the morning to prepare? Sign me up.

PB Mocha Overnight Oats

PB Mocha Overnight Oats

 Berry Cherry Overnight Oats via Street Smart Nutrition

Berry Cherry Overnight Oats

 Strawberry Chocolate Overnight Oats via Nutrition by Nazima

Strawberry Chocolate Overnight Oats

Apple Peanut Butter Overnight Oats via A Whisk and Two Wands


Golden Milk Overnight Oats via Healthy Helper

Golden Milk Overnight Oats

Chocolate Chia Overnight Oats via Savour and Shine

Chocolate Chia Overnight Oats


{Breakfast Bowls}

Fact: breakfast tastes better when it’s served in a cute mason jar. These bowls can be prepared the night before, so all you need to do in the morning is grab a spoon and dig in. Breakfast doesn’t get any easier than this!

Blackberry Cantaloupe Parfait via Kati Mora

Blackberry Cantaloupe Parfait

Wild Blueberry Chia Breakfast Bowl via My Cape Cod Kitchen

Wild Blueberry Chia Breakfast Bowl

Almond Butter and Banana Chia Pudding via Holley Grainger

Almond Butter Banana Chia Pudding

Paleo Chocolate Chia Pudding via Balanced Life Leslie

Chocolate Chia Pudding


{No-Bake Energy Bites}

I love keeping energy bites on hand for easy snacking, but these nutrient-packed treats can also double as a breakfast on busy mornings. Made with wholesome ingredients, they’re essentially a more nutritious alternative to store-bought granola bars (oh, and did I mention they’re no-bake?!) Simply grab a few while you’re running out the door and pair with a piece of fruit or a yogurt for a complete meal.

Vegan Fruit, Nut & Seed Energy Bites via Emily Kyle Nutrition


No Bake Peanut Butter Cherry Trail Mix Bites (Vegan, GF) via Bucket List Tummy


Mango Cashew Energy Bites via Running Dietitian

Mango Cashew Energy Bites


{Breakfast Cookies}

Cookies for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do! These breakfast cookie recipes are filled with whole grains, protein and fiber, making them the perfect choice for any time of the day. Pair with a some fruit or a cold glass of milk (or a latte) and start your day off right!

Peanut Butter Banana Cookies

PB Banana Cookies

Breakfast Cookies with Apricots and Dates via Healthy Ideas Place

Apricot Breakfast cookies

Lemon Raspberry Breakfast Cookies via The Foodie Dietitian

Lemon Raspberry Breakfast Cookies

Oats & Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies via Food, Pleasure and Health




Who says eggs are only for the weekends? With a little planning and preparation, you can enjoy this protein-rich food every day! Bonus: many of these recipes can be easily customized, so you can try a different flavor combo each week and say goodbye to breakfast boredom once and for all.

Southwest Cottage Cheese Muffins via Hungry Hobby

Cottage Cheese Muffins

 Chicken Sausage, Kale and Mushroom Frittata via Sweet and Strong

Chicken Sausage Frittata

Easy Egg Muffins via Live Lean Eat Green

Egg Muffins


{Baked Oatmeal}

Think you’re not an oatmeal person? Think again! With these baked oatmeal recipes, you’ll have your taste-buds thinking that you skipped breakfast and went straight to dessert. Sure, we know that they’re full of nutritious ingredients… but that can be our little secret.

Banana Zucchini Oatmeal Cups via Hummusapien

Banana Zucchini Oatmeal Cups

Ricotta Berry Oatmeal Cups via Nutritioulicious

Ricotta Oatmeal Cups

Whole Wheat Blackberry Oat Bars via Dishing Out Health

Blackberry Oat Bars

Oatmeal Breakfast Pie via Nutrition Starring You

Oatmeal Breakfast Pie

Superfood Skillet Breakfast Bake via Miss Allie’s Kitchen

Superfood Skillet

5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Granola Bars via The Real Food Dietitians


{Muffins & Donuts}

Muffins and donuts don’t have to be off limits! Skip the calorie bombs at the coffeeshop and whip up a batch of your own to enjoy throughout the week (or freeze some to have on hand in case of emergency). The ultimate portable breakfast.

Banana Chocolate Chip Mason Jar Muffins via Emily Ruth Weir

Chocolate Chip Mason Jar Muffins

Spinach Banana Muffins via Joy. Food. Sunshine.

Spinach Muffins


Sweet Potato Blueberry Protein Muffins via Eat The Gains

Sweet Potato Blueberry Muffins

Healthy Strawberry Shortcake Donuts via The Clean Eating Couple

Strawberry shortcake donuts


Let’s chat…

What are your favorite grab & go breakfasts? Feel free to link up in the comments section!  

30 Comments on 30 (Healthy!) Grab & Go Breakfasts

  1. Awesome round up! And yes, after approximately the same amount of hours spend in nutrition courses and the wisdom of age, I’ve figured out that if I don’t prep the night before, it comes down to coffee for breakfast and little else. Thanks for the feature, I’m honored to be included!

  2. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, but I constantly find myself running out of inspiration and turning to link-ups like these for fresh ideas. And thanks for sharing my mason jar muffin recipe! 🙂

    • I feel ya! Always on the look-out for new breakfast ideas. I’m a sucker for anything in a mason jar, so your muffins are right up my alley 🙂

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